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The Best Drawing Course

Question from Fred K


I have been pursuing my study of art since 2011. I attended a local community college, in the USA, and received an Associate of Fine Arts degree. My experience was just as your tutors in the videos on your website describe today's college/art school classes. All creativity and skill-building were missing for the most part.

Now I plan to start with the Drawing Academy course. I usually work on my art for about 20 hours a week.

Question 1: I have been reviewing the Drawing Academy lessons and I was wondering if a person, working 20 hours a week, could reasonably expect to finish all the work associated with these lessons in 3 months?

Question 2: What is your advice for taking the Anatomy Master Class and the Life Drawing Academy class at the same time as the Drawing Academy classes, given a 20-hour-per-week time constraint? Will taking multiple classes speed up the learning process or hinder it?

Thank you,

Fred K

The Best Drawing Course

Answer from Alex, Life Drawing Academy support

Dear Fred,

Thank you for your questions.

1. You will receive a lifetime subscription to the Drawing Academy and will be able to learn at your own speed. There are no time constraints. Three months refers to three installments if you choose to spread the expense over this time period.

2. Taking Anatomy Master Class in conjunction with the Drawing Academy course makes sense. One will assist another. A lifetime subscription is also included with this course.

If you are serious about improving your drawing skills, I recommend enrolling in the Life Drawing Academy Correspondence Course.

In this instance, you would not need any more drawing/anatomy classes since we promise that if you follow our directions and finish all of the activities as directed, you would attain the advanced level of drawing skills.

To assess your current level of drawing skills, you may check this video.

The Life Drawing Academy Correspondence Course is the best and most affordable personal personal tutoring course accessible on the Internet today. Please let me know if you have seen any better.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I will gladly assist you. Otherwise, we'll catch up when you enlist.

Best regards,


Reply from Fred K

Dear Alex,

Thanks for the answers.

In the paragraph about the Life Drawing Academy, you stated "we guarantee that you will reach the advanced level of drawing skills should you follow our guidance and complete all the tasks as per instructions." Does that mean the perspective, silverpoint, and anatomy are all covered as completely as if we took the other two courses?

Thank you,

Fred K

Feedback from Alex

Dear Fred,

Thank you for your question: "Does that mean the perspective, silverpoint, and anatomy are all covered..."

Yes, the answer is yes. You will receive a personal curriculum that is tailored to your level of drawing skills, but most importantly, to your needs and interests.

If you are a beginner, you will need to learn fundamental drawing concepts such as perspective, contours, tonal rendering methods, anatomy, composition, and so on.

If you already know these courses to the appropriate level, you may skip them after showing your abilities, and your curriculum will be focused on other areas in which you are interested or have knowledge gaps. If you desire certain specialised topics, such as silverpoint or character design, you may acquire those as well.

"...are all covered as completely as if we took the other two courses?" Those subjects will be covered in more depth in the Life Drawing Academy Correspondence Course, not just in terms of content, but also in terms of practise, critique, and error correction.

As previously said, this is the greatest personal-tutoring-by-correspondence drawing course available in the world today. Its curriculum is adaptable and personalised for each student.

You will have access to unlimited personal tutoring until you reach the advanced level of drawing skills. And the greatest thing is that you cannot fail to achieve this aim since each subsequent task will be assigned only after you have completed the previous one with the needed quality. You will gradually go from easy to more complicated topics, with each step thoroughly explained, so you will just need to follow our directions. Every artwork you create in this course will receive our comments, and tutors will point out your mistakes and advise you on how to fix them. The only way to fail is to not take and complete this course.

Currently, the course price is far below what it should be because we're still working on case studies. It is a no-brainer should you take it or not. This is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity; don't miss it out!

See you when you enroll - https://lifedrawing.academy/correspondence-course

Best regards,


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