Feedback from Life Drawing Academy students

"Hello, my name is Johann Krammer. I'm an artist from Germany. I like painting and drawing big-scale portraits in oil, graphite and charcoal. Here are some of my artworks.

In 2013, I enrolled in the Drawing Academy course. This online art academy teaches fundamental drawing methods and techniques. It is very helpful for beginners and intermediate art students.

Then, I enrolled in the Anatomy Master Class to learn human anatomy for artists. It is a great place if you want to learn anatomy in the easy and fast way.

Because I wanted to do traditional classical painting, I also took the Old Masters Academy course. This online video course teaches how to paint like the old masters using modern materials. It offers so much very helpful information on color theory and traditional oil painting methods and techniques.

All these online art courses come with personal support from the art tutors – Vladimir London and Natalie Richy. They are professional artists and art teachers. When I have any questions, they are always ready to help. When I need a feedback on my new artworks, they give a constructive critique and advise on how to improve my art.

I am still learning. I want to paint and draw from life. That is why I took a new online course – Life Drawing Academy.

If you would like to learn how to draw figures and portraits from life or imagination – this is a great course to have. All tutors of this course, Vladimir, Natalie and Alexander have very strong educational background in art. They come from Russian classical art school. In Russia, they still teach traditional drawing methods. Such an art education is simply not available at any contemporary art colleges.

What I like about Life Drawing Academy, is that it is very comprehensive, but easy to follow. The methods they teach in this academy are based on constructive drawing. Such constructive drawing includes:
  • Classical proportions of a human body, head and face
  • Skeletal and muscular anatomy
  • Perspective and foreshortening
  • Geometrical construction of a head and body
  • Correct tonal rendering
  • and aerial perspective

In this course, there are many video lessons that explain in detail how to draw torso, hands, knees, feet, neck and shoulders, human skull, facial features – eyes, ears, nose, mouth, as well as standing, sitting and reclining poses from different points of view.

In addition to constructive drawing, this course also has video lessons on creative drawing. You can watch video lessons on:
  • how to do gesture sketches
  • how to use creative drawing techniques
  • and how to portray emotions in portraits

There are also lessons on how to draw draperies and folds, and how to draw clothed figures. I like that every drawing in this course is done in front of our eyes, from blank paper to the finished artwork and is fully explained step by step.

Life Drawing Academy is not just a selection of video lessons. The best thing about this course is that it comes with a personal support and personal tutoring. This support is available for a lifetime at no extra cost. This is as good as to have personal art teachers, who can guide you, give constructive critique of your artworks, and teach how to draw figures and portraits the right way.

I am very happy with Life Drawing Academy, and I know that you will be happy too. If you want to improve your figurative drawing skills, I highly recommend to take the Life Drawing Academy course!"

"I have been an art student of Vladimir London and Natalie Richy for a few years now. It was one of the best decisions I ever made to take their personal coaching. I have learned so much about figurative drawing in such a short time, which saved me tens of thousands of dollars and years of my life. Thank you!"
Alex Brown
"I have known Vladimir and Natalie from the time I took their Anatomy Master Class. When I found out that the new art course, Life Drawing Academy, was coming, I was one of the first to get in. This course exceeds anything I have seen. I can tell you that in every video lesson they teach more about life drawing than I ever got from my entire art college experience. This Academy rocks!"
Richard M.
"I joined the academy a while back. I tell you, there is not a better place in the whole world to learn how to draw. The most wonderful thing that happened to me was having a wonderful teacher, Vladimir. I have been with him for a long time, and he keeps reminding me that I am doing great, don't hurry. He won't leave me. I don't have anything to worry about! He has taught me so much already. So, a very grateful thank you to Mr. London."
Annette Smith
"Thank you so much for all your hard work and help! You are always there when I need some advice or have a new painting and want honest feedback. Your support is simply invaluable. I know that I can rely on the Life Drawing Academy tutors at any time, and this makes me feel very special. I watch video lessons over and over again, and every time, there are new things to learn. I am proud to be a member of this academy."
Sue G.

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