How can I learn life drawing from videos

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How can I learn life drawing from videos

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How can I learn life drawing from videos

In the Life Drawing Academy online course, you will see fifty-two video lessons. Some lessons have multiple parts. The total length of all videos is over twenty hours.

The best way to learn here is to watch the video lessons one by one in sequential order.

The course videos are not "repeat after me" tutorials. You don't have to copy artworks you see on a computer screen. Such an activity is called "copying," not "life drawing."

Instead, get a sketchbook and write down the sequential steps of how to draw figures and portraits, note the proportions of a human figure, make comments about anatomical features, and write down the useful tips we give you.

After one video is over, do your own life drawing artworks using the knowledge you received in that video. Draw from life using the same sequential steps. Measure the proportions from life that you learned in the video and apply anatomy knowledge in your artworks.

Do as many drawings as necessary to learn the new information you gathered from a video. Then, continue watching the next lesson.

Also, do not strive to use the same paper and medium as you see in a video; this is not about copying some creative style but learning life drawing skills.

We recommend doing all exercises in graphite pencil on white drawing paper. This is especially important if you are not an advanced artist, because spotting mistakes in red chalk artworks will be more difficult for you.

We also don't want you to get stuck because you are missing some fancy pencil. For that reason, we won't support your procrastination by getting involved in questions about what paper or pencil is better for life drawing or where to buy it. Get any HB or 2B graphite pencil and start sketching on white drawing paper.

How can I learn life drawing from videos

Personal Tutoring - Life Drawing Academy Correspondence Course

In addition to the Life Drawing Academy Online Course, there is the Life Drawing Academy Correspondence Course. This is a great value "optional extra".

All great artists have one thing in common—every one of them had talented and professional art teachers. There was not a single case of self-taught, world-famous Old Master in the whole history of fine arts.

If you really want to achieve mastery, this is your unique chance. You can get professional personal tutoring by taking in addition to the online course the Life Drawing Academy Correspondence Course.

This correspondence course provides personal tutoring for as long as you need it to achieve the level of mastery you intend.

"Personal tutoring" means that you will have a dedicated art tutor who will assess your current level of drawing skills and come up with a tailored curriculum of step-by-step drawing tasks and exercises you could do to achieve mastery. Every task you do will be meticulously examined, and you will receive constructive critique and suggestions for improvement. Depending on your level of skill and learning speed, it might take several years of dedicated and scheduled tutoring.

To get the same quality art education, you would have to travel to Russia to enroll in some of the world's most prestigious art academies. If learning Russian and relocating is not an option, your next best chance is to apply for personal tutoring here.

When it comes to the price, consider this. You won't get the same skills in leading western art academies simply because their curriculum does not cover the same topics as we will give you. Yet such contemporary art institutions will charge you anything up to $100,000.

In the Life Drawing Academy Correspondence Course, you can get one-on-one tutoring for a lifetime for a one-time fee of only $997.

Spaces are limited, and tutors have the right to select the most promising students who have the burning desire to learn strong drawing skills.

Get your personal tutoring today, while it is available at a such low price.

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