What should I draw

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What should I draw?

Article by Vladimir London, fine artist and Art tutor

As a fine artist and tutor of Life Drawing Academy, I often receive such questions as "what should I draw" or "how to decide what to draw?"

This very much depends on your mission as an artist.

Drawing is a non-verbal language of communication, the way of thinking and delivering your thoughts and ideas. Comparing it to a spoken language, here's how such questions sound: "what should I tell" or "what should I write about?"

The main thing you have to decide on is "What kind of art do you do that is useful to society?"

Here's the thing - if you do some art just for yourself and no one would ever see it, then it is as good as telling a story in your head. Such an exercise might train your mind, but be completely worthless and unknown to other people.

You can draw whatever you like, but as a fine artist, you have a responsibility to make your art good and useful for others. This is what you will be remembered by; this is what will make your art original and valuable.

What should I draw

Artwork by Vladimir London

I believe that every artist has a mission whether one knows about it or not. As I put it on my site, my mission is to portray the beauty and meaning of life. Your mission could be whatever you like, so would your art. As long as it brings something good to other people - positive emotions, useful information, bright ideas, original concepts and so on - your art will serve its purpose.

I hope this answers your questions. What to draw depends on what you want tell by your art. If you have nothing to say, then maybe you need to find some other occupation that fulfils your purpose. If you have a burning desire to share what you want to say in a visual way, no one would stop you from doing original, useful and beautiful art.

To your creative success,

Vladimir London
Fine Artist and Art Tutor

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