Eight Reasons to take personal tutoring at Life Drawing Academy

Life Drawing Academy

Question from Ethan

I was wondering which course should I start out with first the Drawing Academy course or the Life Drawing Academy course. I am a complete and total beginner at drawing. Depending on your answer I will enroll in both courses. I will be a dedicated art student and will follow through with your art program because it is my dream to become the best graphic drawing artist I could ever be.

Eight Reasons to take personal tutoring at Life Drawing Academy

Feedback from Vladimir London, art tutor

Dear Ethan

Thank you for your question. There is only one course on the Internet, out of probably thousands, where you can learn drawing from zero to the advanced level - Life Drawing Academy Correspondence Course.

There are several reasons why this course is your best option:

1. In this course, you will get dedicated art teachers who will guide you until you reach the advanced level of drawing skills. How to assess your level of drawing skills is explained in this video - How to self-assess your drawing skills

2. You are guaranteed to achieve this goal as long as you follow our guidance and complete all 100 drawing tasks that will be given to you one by one. Because all tasks will progress from very simple to more difficult topics, your learning curve will be easy and efficient. In every task, you will learn some new skills that will be needed for the next one. You will receive every next task only after you complete the previous one with required quality. That is why there is no way to fail in reaching the advanced level of drawing skills.

3. What tasks you will receive depends on your current level of drawing skills and interests you have. If you are a complete beginner, you will get all the drawing topics starting from very basic, such as how to use a pencil and draw lines. There would be no missing gaps in your drawing education. All topics will be covered one by one.

4. To see which tasks you need and what skills you are missing, the academy tutors will assess your skills before creating a custom-designed drawing curriculum for you. This curriculum will include all the skills you must have and all the topics you are interested in. Such topics as drawing three-dimensional objects, perspective, proportions, composition, contours, tonal rendering techniques, anatomy for artists, still-life, draperies, landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, figures, genre drawing and much more are included into the basic curriculum by default. If you have some specific interests, they will be included as well.

5. The academy tutors will guide you step by step, task by task. You will receive detailed instructions and explanations in writing. You will know what to do and how to do it. You will also get additional videos, PDFs, and artwork examples to learn from. In addition, you will get various templates of paper models that you can make at home and draw from life. Such models include solid geometric bodies, human skulls, hand, shoulder girdle, head, etc. Here are just a few examples if such models:

6. Apart from drawing, you will also learn how to make sculptures that you can use as models to draw from life. Sculpting greatly helps in understanding the three-dimensional nature of objects. Here are some examples:

7. You will receive valuable feedback from academy tutors on every artwork and model you make. Teachers will point out all your mistakes and advise how to fix them. This is a very important part of education because without seeing mistakes you won't be able to fix them. Only by working on mistakes will you be able to polish your skills.

8. You need professional art teachers who are also talented fine artists to become an artist. The arts history does not know a single great artist who was self-taught. A lifetime might not be enough for you to get the advanced level of drawing skills by self-learning on your own.

I hope these eight reasons are more than enough for you to make a decision.

On a separate note, I would like to say that this is the best drawing course where you will get unlimited personal tutoring for a one-time low fee. There is no other course like it. If you find one, let me know.

Kind regards,
Vladimir London
Art tutor

To learn good drawing techniques, enroll in the Life Drawing Academy course:

Online Course

A self-study, self-paced course for you to learn fundamental methods of classical drawing and improve life drawing skills by watching video lessons and doing assignments

  • Unlimited access to 52 life drawing video lessons
  • Lifetime membership without deadlines
  • Unlimited support from the Academy tutors
  • Constructive critique of your artworks
  • Member access to the Academy's Art community
  • Place in the Academy's Students Gallery
  • Exclusive members-only newsletter and bonuses
  • Life Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence in your name

One-time payment - Lifetime membership
$297 USD


Personal Tutoring Online + Online Course

The ultimate choice if you who would like to receive personal, one-to-one tutoring from the Academy teachers, which is custom-tailored to your skills and needs

  • Everything in Online Course, plus:
  • Dedicated team of art tutors
  • Assessment of your current level of drawing skills
  • Personalized curriculum tailored to your skills and goals
  • Up to 100 drawing tasks with by-task assessment
  • Unlimited one-to-one personal coaching with detailed per-task instructions and feedback
  • Artwork critiques and results-oriented guidance

One-time payment - Lifetime membership
$997 USD

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